Northern Russian Republic

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Northern Russian Republic
Северная Российская Республика - Severnaya Rossiyskaya Respublika
Flag of the Northern Russian Republic
Potential Ruling Party Republican Party of the Russian North
Potential Head of StateVladimir Kirpichnikov
Potential Head of GovernmentPyotr Sokolov
Nature of Appearance
Can be formed by Onega if they defeat the West Russian unifier

The Northern Russian Republic is a potential country that can be formed by Onega in the event that they defeat the West Russian unifier.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As already stated, Onega will form the Northern Russian Republic if they manage to defeat the west Russian unfieir when they attack. After the unifier has capitulated Onega will annex the northern half of the unifier's land, up to a line stretching between Kostroma and Gayny, and will proclaim the Northern Russian Republic in an event. This land correspons to the entire lands of the West Russian Revolutionary Front and Komi, and the noerthern lands of Vologda and the Order of St. George.

They will also be given the "Overextended Administration" national spirit:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Overextended Adminstration With the recent unification of our region, and the beginning of the process of reforming Russia, our new bureaucracy has been having trouble adapting to the realities of our situation. Significant reform and expansion of our administration, to close gaps and ensure a qualified administrative base, will be necessary in order to allow for further expansion. Political Power Gain: -35%

Recruitable Population Factor: -15%

Supply Consumption: +25.0%

Stability: -35.00%

Needed Consumer Goods: +15.00%

The remainder of the unifer's land will be divided into a series of puppet states:

All of these new states, as well as the Ural League and Orenburg (if they still exist) will be united with Onega in a faction known as the West Russian Defense Pact.

Eventually the West Siberian unifier will attack the Pact in an attempt to unify Russia at the superregional stage. If the Northern Russian Republic manages to defeat them too, it will annex the states of Vorkuta and Saranpaul, which belong to Vorkuta and Yugra at game start respectively, and will create four more client states out of the West Siberian unfiier's remaining land:

Ths is a far as Onega can deunify Russia with its current content. If, while playing in Arcade Mode, Onega manages to defeat the Siberian unifier, they will sinply annex it without establishing client states.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The flag of the Northern Russian Republic is the same as the flag of the real-life Arkhangelsk Oblast of the Russian Federation.