Republican-Democratic Coalition

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The Republican-Democratic Coalition is a coalition of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party formed to counter the forming anti-establishment coalition of the National Progressive Pact.

Republican-Democratic Coalition
Founded : 1959
Centre Left to
Centre Right
Republican Party: Silent Conservatism,

Free-Market Conservatism,
Natural Conservatism,

Modern Conservatism
Democratic Party: Liberalism
Dynastic Liberalism

History[edit | edit source]

The chaos of the '58 midterm elections saw the National Progressive Pact emerges as a challenger to the American political establishment. Fearing that the popularity of an NPP candidate would at least in the case of a three way race of president would lead no single candidate receiving a majority of the vote. A fear justified by the fact the Nationalist Party and State's Right Party alone were able to help Albert Chandler win more electoral votes than the Republican's Everett M. Dirksen in 1956.

In response to this fear of train wreck of an election in 1960, the leadership of both party decide to run a joint ticket in 1960. After some backroom deals and negotiation, the parties' leadership decide to back Richard Nixon from the Republican Party as president and John F. Kennedy from the Democratic Party as Vice President.

This decision ended up with the Nixon-Kennedy ticket ended up winning the presidency in a landslide, preserving the rule of the establishment parties. Of course there were allegations of foul play, albeit no concrete proof exists, at least not yet. While having won the presidency, the Republican-Democratic Coalition is still an uneasy one with both parties in disagreement over numerous policies , particularly over the growing problem of Civil Rights.

Current Situation[edit | edit source]

As of 1962 the Republican-Democratic Coalition is the ruling party in the United States with Republican Richard Nixon as President and Democrat John F Kennedy as Vice President. While President Nixon has as of yet turned a blind eye over the growing issue of Civil Rights, The growing protests , clashes between blacks and segregationist whites may soon force a decision lest he let the country collapse into chaos.

Potential Presidents from the RDC[edit | edit source]