Nasjonal Samling

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National Gathering (NS)
Nasjonal Samling
Emblem of the Nasjonal Samling
Party Leader Gulbrand Lunde (Kingdom of Norway)
Founder(s)Vidkun Quisling
Founded13th May 1933, 29 years ago
NewspaperFritt Folk
Political PositionFar Right - Nazism - Norwegian Nationalism
ColoursRed, Yellow
SloganHeil og Sæl!

The Nasjonal Samling (English: National Gathering) is the party that is technically in power in the Reichskommissariat Norwegen, as in this Reich Commissariat, legislative and administrative power is divided between the German Occupants and the Norwegian Collaborators.

Wings of the NS[edit | edit source]

Mainstream[edit | edit source]

The Mainstream wing is, as its name points out, the most influential and most "mainstream" wing of the Nasjonal Samling. It is led by both President Gulbrand Lunde, technical leader of the party, and Reichskommissar Josef Terbovern, official leader of the party. It currently has power even if their cabinet is composed of members from other wings of the party.

Radical[edit | edit source]

The Radical wing is the second most popular wing of the NS. Led by Jonas Lie, chief of the Norwegen-SS, the Radical wing is a pro-German party wanting total integration into the Reich.

Moderate[edit | edit source]

The least popular wing of the Nasjonal Samling is led by Norwegian collaborator Per Borten, and views to reform the Reichskommissariat into a more independent state, with the ambition of one day getting complete independence from the German Reich.