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Capital of Japanese Colonial Korea
Population2.81M (speculation)
State GDP$6.73B (speculation)
GDP/C$2395 (speculation)
Culture Korean

Keijō (Korean: 서울/Seoul) is the capital and headquarters of the Japanese Colonial Occupation in Korea.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

It is a chilling thought that one day, the name "Hanseong" may be forgotten from the minds of all mankind, lost to the seas of history, never to run ashore. Since the signing of the Japan-Joseon Treaty of 1910, the former Empire of Joseon has been occupied by the Empire of Japan and considered to be an integral part of the Japanese State, much to its people's dismay.

The predicted rapid assimilation of Korean culture never came, and it merely caused the native Koreans great suffering as the Rising Sun tightened its chokehold over the peninsula increasingly harder on their throats. Independence movements and guerrilla forces plagued the peninsula as the Japanese fought back with greater and greater force, with some insurgents even spreading to areas of outer Manchuria.

Perhaps it is here, in Keijō, that this cycle was avoided, and its goals of Japanization and industrialization met in some aspects. Perhaps some day, they will make peace, and just maybe, if the oceans are calm, the name Hanseong may live in the hearts of its people.