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Colony of Madagascar and Dependencies
Colonie de Madagascar et dépendances (French)
Ny zanatanin'i Madagasikara sy ny miankina aminy (Malagasy)
Flag of Madagascar
French Madagascar in Light Green
Overlord France in Gray

Ruling Party Départements et régions d'outre-mer (Tr: Overseas departments and regions)
Head of StateGovernor-General Pierre Boisson
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Mitstreiter,
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Corporativist Colonial Economy

French Madagascar is an overseas department of the French State. Mainly constituted by the island of Madagascar and a few islands nearby, it shares no land borders with other nations. Alongside its parent country, it is part of the Einheitspakt. De jure administrated by the French State, its distance from its overlord, on top of German paranoia of potential French resurgence, has made it de facto administrated by Germany. Furthermore, its native population are in discontent, revolting soon after game start, with support from the Organization of Free Nations and Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

History[edit | edit source]

National Spirits[edit | edit source]

French Madagascar starts off with the following National Spirits

Name In Game Description Effects
Last French Colony At the start of the century, the French controlled one of the latest colonial empires in the world, subjugating some 69 million people and 4.8 million square miles in the name of République française.

In the aftermath of the War, France's once-robust system of colonial exploitation and extraction has become a ghost of itself. Reduced to Madagascar, the French colonial empire is corrupt, ineffectual, and unprofitable. Its administrators hide away in Paris or decaying, walled compounds in Tananarive while German soldiers, acting on behalf of the French regime, mete out random acts of violence against locals. Even as politicians use their lordship over Madagascar to demonstrate their status as a great power, it remains unclear how long this shambling system can endure.

Stability: -10.00%

Administrative Program Cost Factor: +20.00%

Administrative Efficiency Monthly Change: -1.50

Military Commission for Madagascar It is no secret that 'French Madagascar' only exists within an ignored legal framework and in the minds of the most foolish Frenchman. The Reich, in reality, fires all of the shots, with the old colonial administration being just window dressing. The Reich exerts its power through two organizations, the Militärkommission Madagaskar and the Generalbüro für Madagassische Angelegenheiten. The former leads and organizes Germany's military presence on the island, while the latter assists the French administration in day-to-day governance. Over time they have taken a more prominent role in the running of the colony, leading to France's influence slipping further. Germany runs Madagascar in all but name, and time will tell if even this will remain the case. Political Power Gain: -10%

Daily Compliance Gain: +0.05%

Disloyal Gendarmerie France's 'rule' over Madagascar is more sympathetic to the natives than the Germans would prefer it to be. Many native collaborators help police the island, a relic from the days of the French Republic, and the necessity for more men to keep order. The MvM has increasingly been performing duties these collaborators otherwise would, which has created much tension between German troops and Natives. The anti-colonial sentiment is simmering as more natives are pushed out of their second-class status. If this lid is to be blown off, it could spell the end of the colony. Recruitable Population Factor: -20%

War Support: -15.00%

Secret Societies Government infrastructure and plantations have seen an increase in attacks from nationalist secret societies over several years, diluting the already tiny amount of profit to be made from the colony. Outside of the areas of French control, the rest of the country is a wild west, where any group of natives could be plotting to pillage the colony or outright destroy it. These security breaches have only further fueled the MvM's influence within Madagascar, and it's becoming increasingly likely that these forces will soon directly crash. Production Efficiency Cap: -20.00%

Production Efficiency Growth: -10.00%