Tsardom of Bulgaria

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Tsardom of Bulgaria
Царство България
Tsarstvo Bǎlgariya
Flag of Bulgaria
Bulgarian Coat of Arms
Bulgaria in Light Green
Ruling Party Pravitelstvo na Tsaria
Head of StateTsar Boris III
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Mitstreiter,
Credit Rating Fair
Market Type Planned Economy

The Tsardom of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Царство България) is a country in Southeast Europe. To the north, it borders The Kingdom of Romania, to the west, the Independent State of Serbia and the Italian Empire, to the south Greece and the Republic of Turkey and to the east, the Black Sea.

Initially established as a principality under the Ottoman Empire in 1878, Bulgaria was forged in 1908, when it declared independence from the Ottomans. Bulgaria notably sided with the Axis powers in World War II as a co-belligerent, alongside Romania and Hungary. It is a member of the Einheitspakt.

History[edit | edit source]

Interwar Period[edit | edit source]

Political Parties and Factions[edit | edit source]

Name Ideology LEader
Tsar's Government Absolute Monarchy


Boris III
Zveno Left-Wing Corporatism Kimon Georgiev
Bulgarian Communist Party National Communism Todor Zhivkov
Bulgarian Agrarian National Union "Pladne" Agrarian Socialism Nikola Petkov
The Union of Bulgarian National Legions Fascism Todor Zhekov
Ratnitsi National Socialism Asen Kantardzhiev