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General Government of the Vistula
Generalgouvernement der Weichsel
Flag of the General Government
Ruling Party Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
(Tr: National Socialist German Workers' Party)
Head of StateGovernor-General Hans Frank
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Protektorat, Einheitspakt
Credit Rating Mediocre
Market Type Gelenkte Wirtschaft

The Generalgouvernment is the German colonial government that administers the core of Poland that has not been annexed directly into the Reich. Located in Central Europe, it borders Germany proper to the west and north, Reichskommissariat Ukraine to the east, Rumania to the southeast and Slovakia and Hungary to the south. The second-largest city in the country, Krakau, holds the position of the nation's capital. Other notable cities include Warschau (Poland's previous capital), Lublin and Radom.

History[edit | edit source]

Founded soon after the invasion of Poland in 1939, the objective of the Generalgouvernement was to prepare Poland for annexation by Germanising the nation, reportedly achieving a 70% success rate. However, things are not what they seem

In reality, these figures are not reflective of the actual situation on the ground. Despite the efforts of the German administration and military garrison, the Germisation of Poland has not made significant progress, as the local population continues to resist and fight for Polish freedom. The Polish resistance has become increasingly bold, making it difficult for the colony to maintain control. The situation has become so dire that the mere presence of a German garrison is the only thing preventing an all-out rebellion by the Poles.

This is unbeknownst to the Reich and its leaders as Governor-General Hans Frank, a ruthless and incompetent leader who has, for the most part, failed to accomplish any objectives assigned to him by Germania has forged a vast quantity of reports to the Reich’s colonial offices.

While the Polish Underground Government’s strength increases and Germanization stalls, to Germany, Poland is reported as one of the most successful colonies under the Reich.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the German Civil War breaks out the German garrison maintaining the Generalgouvernment's stability will be hastily recalled to help defend their homeland - and seizing the opportunity the Polish reistance will launch a full-scale uprising to free Poland from Nazi rule. Due to the ferocity of the Polish rebels and their widespread popular support it is virtually guaranteed the Generalgouvernment will be toppled in a matter of weeks unless it is being controlled by an exceptionally skilled player or the Generalgouvernment is set to defeat the rebels in the game options.

National Spirits[edit | edit source]

The Generalgouvernment starts with the following national spirits

Name In Game Description Effects
The Underground State Decades ago, the Wehrmacht overran Europe in a storm never seen before. Poland fought them bravely, odds stacked sky-high against them, until the bitter end - and with that end, the light of the Polish nation extinguished forever.

Or that is what most of the world believes.

Over the decades, it has become increasingly clear to Hans Frank's government in Krakau and a few watchful eyes beyond it that the Polish nation survives, nay, thrives in the shadows. Aided by the sheer incompetence of the General Government and their shrewdness, the Polish Underground State is an ever-growing thorn in the side of the Reich and its hegemony over the Polish lands.

And they have a clear goal.

Division Organization -20.0%

Stability: -50.00%

War Support: -30.00%

Factory Output: -15.00%